Our team of experts offer a wide variety of specialized services tailored to suit your individual needs including digital forensics, data recovery, litigation support, fire and water damaged media recovery, and training.

Digital Forensics
Our primary focus is the systematic recovery and examination of digital evidence from multiple types of digital devices and media to include desktop and laptop computers, servers, USB external storage devices, digital cameras, cell phones, smart phones and mobile device or tablets. All evidence handling, processing and storage is done in accordance with court-approved methodology.

Data Recovery
Data recovery from damaged disk drives, removable media, or other types of storage devices. Lost or deleted files can also be recovered, but time and subsequent usage of the media are factors in the potential recovery.

Litigation Support
Litigation support and court procedures to include assisting in depositions, case presentation and testifying. This includes pro-active due diligence in preserving digital data in anticipation of potential theft of intellectual property or proprietary information, employee wrongdoing, or hostile termination of employees.

Fire & Water Damaged Media Recovery
Data recovery from fire and water damaged media for both residences and businesses. A fire is a traumatic experience and the decisions that have to be made are often overwhelming. We have created a comprehensive set of services to address one of those concerns. We will respond promptly and recover the media from the fire scene. After an initial assessment of the potential for data recovery, we will assist in the restoration of the recovered data.

Extensive national and international training experience in the areas of digital forensics and data recovery including, large group presentations, classroom instruction, and on-site individual or group training. Prior training presentations have been approved for Continuing Education credits for law enforcement and fire personnel.